Adult Discipleship Ministries

Adult Discipleship Ministries encompasses any discipleship work focused on carrying out NDI’s mission to adults in the local church and community.
Also, see the Local Adult Discipleship Ministries document.

What Is Adult Discipleship Ministries?

Adult Discipleship Ministries (ADM) encompasses any discipleship work of the local church focused on carrying out NDI’s mission to adults in the local church and community to provide ministries, resources, and activities for adults on their Journey of Grace.

Adult Discipleship Ministries (ADM):

  • Reaches a diverse audience and encompasses a wide range of ministries.
  • Focuses on people over the age of 24, as well as any married individual below the age of 24.
  • Requires the close coordination of curriculum, resources, programs, events, and people to deal with the diverse age group questions, problems and challenges.
  • While Sunday School provides a critical and indispensable foundation for what happens in ADM, it is only one part of a wider ministry to adults in the church and community.

Mission of Adult Ministries

ADM follows the same purpose as NDI with a focus toward the adults in our church and community to:

  • Reach non-believers for Jesus
  • Establish new believers in their faith in Christ
  • Walk with believers toward a fully surrendered, heart-cleansed, fruit-bearing, and Spirit- filled life.

Combining all three of these mission aspects is the key to a healthy ADM ministry.

The framework of Discipleship, or Journey of Grace, is emphasized through the practice of NDI’s 5 core principles.

  1. Fervent Prayer
    To promote intentional and consistent prayer in order to nurture and develop relationships with both God and others
  2. Compassionate Outreach
    To reach both churched and unchurched people
  3. Comprehensive Biblical Learning
    To engage people in individual and group biblical study at appropriate levels so they become more like Christ
  4. Intentional Mentoring and Equipping
    To help people to develop and to help others develop as Jesus did
  5. Authentic Relationships
    To engage people in relationships that honor God and edify the Body of Christ.

For more details on the Mission of NDI, The Journey of Grace, and the 5 Core Principles, please see NDI.

Local Organization

The work of ADM at the local church level is primarily accomplished through united efforts of the local ADM Coordinator and the local ADM Council. Their work is then harmonized and coordinated with the local NDI Board and, when appropriate, with the district ADM Council.

Local Adult Discipleship Ministries Coordinator

The local ADM Coordinator is the key administrator of ADM. The Coordinator is responsible to lead the local ADM Council in:

  • Training, equipping, and supporting ADM workers/disciple makers
  • Giving direction to the discipleship ministry to adults in the local church
  • Leading the ADM Council and serving as liaison between ADM and the local NDI Board

The NDI Board nominates to the church board, with the approval of the pastor, the ADM Coordinator. The local ADM Coordinator is an ex officio member of the NDI Board (see Manual, par. 145).

The term “coordinate” indicates the local Coordinator’s responsibilities are to plan with and work through others to accomplish ministry. The ADM Coordinator needs to have strong administrative skills and a servant’s heart.

NOTE: If you are new to the role, or would like a better understanding of the role, please click the link below to learn where to start. (See Appendix D)

Local Adult Discipleship Ministries Council

The ADM Council is composed of the ADM Coordinator, one or more Sunday School representative(s), and the coordinator(s) of any other ADM ministry activities. In small churches, this may consist of only two people: the ADM Coordinator and another adult. In larger churches, the size of the ADM Council grows as ministries are added. The task of the council is to work with the ADM Coordinator to plan and implement ministry to adults. In some situations, the ADM Council’s work is done by the Local NDI Council. Nominations to the ADM Council are made by the ADM Coordinator to the NDI Board, with the approval of the pastor and the NDI President.

The tasks of the council fall into these broad categories:

  • Fulfill the Great Commission by planning and carrying out a coordinated total ministry program for adults, giving special attention to the 5 core principles of NDI.
  • Train and resource local adult lay workers/disciple makers for effective ministry. 33
  • Coordinate the discipleship of adults with other ministries of the local church.
  • Cooperate with district efforts to provide expanded ministry to adults.

NOTE: For a more detailed explanation of these tasks and a chart of the makeup of the council please see Appendix F.

Common Questions

  • Please see Appendix E to find answers to a few common questions about ADM
  • If you do not find an answer to your questions, please check out the USA/Canada website. Or email your district NDI President
  • For an Explanation of Typical Items of Business for Council Meetings please see Appendix B
  • For A Sample Board Agenda please see Appendix C.

Some Job Descriptions

Below is a list of potential roles for the NDI and/or ADM board. For an example of the responsibilities of these positions please click on the link provided.

  • Local ADM Representative—Job Description (See Appendix A.1)
  • Local Family Life Ministries Coordinator—Job Description (See Appendix A.2)
  • Local Prime Time (Seniors) Ministries Coordinator— Job Description (See Appendix A.3)
  • Local Single Adult Ministries Coordinator— Job Description (See Appendix A.4)
  • Local Women’s Ministries Coordinator— Job Description (See Appendix A.5)
  • Local Men’s Ministries Coordinator— Job Description (See Appendix A.6)
  • Local Lay Ministries Coordinator— Job Description (See Appendix A.7)
  • Local Small-Group Bible Studies Coordinator— Job Description (See Appendix A.8)
  • Local Young Adult Ministries Coordinator— Job Description (See Appendix A.9)