Appendix D

Where to Start

Following are some appropriate places to begin your work as the Local ADM Coordinator.

  1. Begin and continue a regular time of prayer, seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdom.
    This job is primarily one of administration and coordination. However, more importantly, this job is one that deals with spiritual matters and helps adults mature in Christ. Never let the planning details overrule the fact you are ministering to and with God’s people. The best plans will fail if they are not administered in love through prayer.
  2. This handbook is a very good place to begin.
    You will find answers to most of your questions, appropriate organizational charts, and job descriptions for you and your council. You will also benefit from reading other sections, especially the Administration section, to see how your responsibilities coordinate with the other NDI ministries and the five core principles.
  3. Meet with your pastor and NDI President.
    This meeting should take place as soon as possible to determine how ADM fits into the larger scope of ministry in your local church. Solicit you pastor’s ideas and dreams for ministry to adults. Agree to talk at regular intervals throughout the year as you evaluate ADM’s ministries. After you have finished this initial discussion, you will be ready to begin establishing a priority list for the coming year.
  4. Talk to the outgoing ADM Coordinator.
    Spend time evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your local ADM with your predecessor. Review your NDI records and ADM Council minutes to find trends or helpful information.
  5. Contact your district ADM Coordinator and/or NDI President.
    You can find contact information in the district journal or by calling the district office. Your district ADM Coordinator will be an important link to the following information:
    • District events
    • Helpful curriculum, equipping activities, and personnel resources
    • ADM models and ideas
    • Events and resources at the regional and global NDI level
  6. Make certain your ADM Council is complete.
    Look over the council job descriptions found later in this section. Your goal is to find individuals who will serve as ministry coordinators and team leaders. Completing your council will add to your resources and increase the productivity of your adult ministry programming. You may fill some of these positions yourself, but do not forfeit the opportunity to allow others to help serve on the ADM Council.
    Nominations for all positions on the ADM Council, whether they are an incumbent or not, are made yearly by the ADM Coordinator to the NDI Board (see Manual, par. 155). You may want to talk to individuals who carried council responsibilities in the past about their desire to continue in their positions.
  7. Determine the first meeting of your ADM Council.
    Plan to meet as soon as the majority of your council positions are filled. At this first meeting, review your ADM budget (in most cases predetermined by the outgoing council); review the annual ADM, NDI, and church calendars; and determine when and where the council will meet in the future.
  8. Assess the makeup and needs of your adult group.
    Make use of surveys, discussion with key leaders, informal conversation with adults, and your own knowledge of your church to determine ministry strategy.
  9. Research the resources available.
    As ADM Coordinator, you are responsible to oversee curriculum, ministry aids, training materials, special speakers, and other resources used by adults. Find out what resources are currently being used and compare findings with the resources recommended at, the pastor, and the district ADM Coordinator. Approved materials should be used in all adult ministries areas unless there is sufficient reason to use supplemental resources for specialized areas of ministry.
  10. Don’t become overwhelmed by your responsibilities.
    As you look over all your ministries realize new ministries take time to develop. Some ideas may need to wait until proper personnel or funding become available. Some plans may need to be implemented next year. The Nazarene Manual outlines the responsibilities for age-level Coordinators in the Church of the Nazarene Manual. The following job description for the local ADM Coordinator is adapted from the Nazarene Manual, par. 155 – 159.1.