Appendix F

The tasks of the council fall into these broad categories:

  1. To fulfill the Great Commission by planning and carrying out a coordinated total ministry for adults.
    The Great Commission charges the church to reach, teach, and disciple. The council does this by designing and carrying out a well-coordinated ministry strategy for all adults. This includes the commitment to integration of the 5 core principles of NDI in every ministry.
  2. To train and resource local adult workers/disciple makers for effective ministry.
    Lay volunteers care about and have given themselves to their ministries. To carry out their ministries effectively, they need information, encouragement, and material resources.
  3. To coordinate the ministry of disciples making for adults in the local church.
    ADM does not exist in isolation. It is part of the larger effort of the church to fulfill the Great Commission. ADM needs to operate within the larger organizational structure of the church. Doing so helps to ensure that the church’s ministry to adults will reflect the mission and goals of the church.
  4. To cooperate with district efforts to provide expanded ministry to adults.
    Adults need to understand their local church is part of a larger body of Christians. Taking part in district-sponsored events helps to develop this concept. It also provides adults with equipping and fellowship activities that go beyond what most local churches can provide.