The District NDI Convention And Election

One of the most exciting and effective events of the year on the district NDI calendar is the NDI convention.

It is important that each district plan a District NDI Convention annually in order to provide inspiration, motivation, and training for all NDI workers. The promotion of Sunday School and Small Groups Disciple Making should be a highlight of each convention.

At the present time, the annual district NDI conventions fall into two categories: those held in conjunction with the district assembly and those held at other times. The District NDI Board, in cooperation with the district superintendent, should determine the best time for this important event. Here are some considerations.

  1. When will the most laypersons from across the district be able to attend? Consider school calendars, weather, seasonal responsibilities and celebrations, holidays, etc. Once a good time is found, make it a part of the district calendar each year. This will assist local churches in annual planning.
  2. Where will the convention be held? Be sure to consider the area of greatest concentration of churches and church members. In some cases, it may be helpful to change locations each year. In others, once a winning combination is found, it might be wise to keep the same location from year to year.
  3. How long shall the convention be held? When held in conjunction with the district assembly, the NDI Convention will need to be flexible in relation to the times of the other conventions. However, when held at other times, you have more choices. Be sure to allow enough time to accomplish the purposes of the NDI Convention.
  4. How will the convention be financed? Most districts have established a formula for financing this event. However, this should be a part of the annual NDI budget and placed on the agenda each year when the plans are being made.
  5. What type of program shall be planned? The most effective conventions successfully incorporate the elements of motivation/inspiration and training/equipping. Consider bringing in a guest speaker to address your workers. If time allows, plan to offer a variety of workshops that target specific age-group ministries or other local church ministries. Remember to invite guests and recruit workers as far in advance as possible.
  6. Will elections of district NDI officers be held in the convention? One of the duties of the NDI Board, as outlined in the Nazarene Manual is “to determine, in consultation with the district superintendent, whether elections for the District NDI Board members and chairperson will be held in the district assembly or in the District NDI Convention” (See Nazarene Manual, par. 240.6).
  7. How will the convention be publicized? Publicity for the District NDI Convention needs to be planned well in advance. The most common place to publicize this event is in the district newsletter. Be sure to include the dates and place as far in advance as possible. Pictures of speakers/workers should be in the newsletter in detail at least one full month before the convention. Other mailings on the district should include all information, when appropriate.
  8. The annual NDI Convention should be a very important event for every district. If planned properly, it will provide information and inspiration for all NDI workers and pastors to do a more effective job in making Christlike disciples. Do not fail to utilize this opportunity as part of your district’s efforts to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.

Age-level/ Group Supervisors/ Ministry Coordinators

  1. To provide leadership for the various age-group ministries.
  2. To assist other NDI leaders in the promotion of events sponsored by their ministries.
  3. To analyze and survey the Christian education needs of each local church when requested, and to assist the local NDI president in meeting these needs.
  4. To oversee the coordination of the programs and ministries in CM, youth Sunday School, and AM (See Nazarene Manual, par. 240.2 – 240.4).
  5. To keep the MISSION, PURPOSE, and five Core Principles in mind at all times.